The Main Reasons Why A Wisdom Tooth Should Be Removed

Why do we have wisdom teeth anyway? That is a common question. It is believed the reason we have wisdom teeth is that they were more of a necessity in centuries gone by. Our ancestors had a different diet, that required a lot more chewing than is commonly needed to eat our modern-day foods. This extra chewing made our ancestors jaws often wider, to accommodate an extra molar, that was also useful for grinding foods in the back of their mouths.

Well, that is the latest science on the topic anyway. The fact is we still make wisdom teeth and these days they often cause us problems which can be quite painful. So why are they often removed? These are the main reasons they are taken out.

1. Impacting Other Teeth

The main reason wisdom teeth are removed is because there is often not enough room to accommodate them in people’s mouths. They can crowd the other teeth which makes them crooked, and it can also be painful.

2. Erupting In Unnatural Places

If a wisdom tooth wants to come up or erupt through your gum, then it will. They can come out at strange angles, even horizontally! This can cause discomfort to the gum, cheeks, or other areas of the mouth. If so, it must come out.

3. Staying Hidden in Gums

Even if your wisdom teeth decide to stay within your gums and not erupt, they can cause problems. Hidden wisdom teeth can become infected, impact with the jaw, or come in contact with the roots of other teeth and their nerves. All these issues can cause pain in the jaw

4. Sinus Pain

Did you know that impacted wisdom teeth can cause sinus pain and other sinus issues? Wisdom tooth growth can cause sinus congestion, sinus pain and pressure. Your oral health is also part of your overall health and in some cases, removing wisdom teeth can become necessary to improve one’s sinuses, helping them to breathe easier.


Having your wisdom teeth removed is not always as big of a deal that people imagine. Most patients do not need a general anaesthetic or a visit to hospital. A dentist can remove most wisdom teeth in the same way they can remove other teeth too.

If your wisdom teeth are coming through in an uncomfortable way, then you should let your dentist know. Wisdom teeth can be inspected during your next dental appointment. If removal is an option, then you will likely start off by getting an x-ray. That way your dentist can see what is happening with your wisdom teeth inside your gums.

At Koo Wee Rup Dental Surgery, we offer on-site OPG x-rays which give us a full image of the jaw from ear to ear. This x-ray can provide us with the information our dentists require to correctly identify any issues you may be experiencing due to your wisdom teeth. While most dental clinics charge $90-$120 to privately take these x-rays; to assist our patients, all OPGs taken are at no cost to the patient as they are bulk-billed to Medicare.

If you live in southeast Melbourne and would like to speak to a dentist about your wisdom teeth, simply book an appointment at our dental clinic in Koo Wee Rup today.