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Dentist Near Pakenham

Are you looking for an experienced dentist in Pakenham? We believe our dental clinic is ideal for people like you who want a professional, yet gentle dentist that is suitable for the whole family.

For over twenty-five years, we have been running our successful dental clinic not far from Pakenham. We have many patients that travel a lot further than that because of the service they have received, or because other patients recommend us.

Pakenham’s Dental Choice

There are many dentists Pakenham residents could choose, but we offer a level of service at the same price that others often don’t match. From easy on site parking, to efficient booking procedures and opening hours, our clinic is client focused.

From a dental point of view, we provide a full spectrum of modern dental techniques. Our dentists are also supported by quality dental equipment and supplies. Our holistic approach means we can offer children’s dental services, cosmetic dentistry, teeth cleaning, and complex dental repairs.

Orthodontic Treatments Pakenham

We have very positive reviews on both our Facebook page and Google reviews too. We offer free check-ups for children and accept all health insurance cards at point of payment.

Visiting a dental clinic can be a much more enjoyable experience when you know you are in the hands of a dentist you can trust. We make our patients feel comfortable and help them maintain their dental health to avoid bigger problems in the future.

If you are new to Pakenham and would like to find a dentist, feel free to contact us. If you already have a dentist in Pakenham and are thinking of changing, then call us to discuss an appointment.

Our clinic is located just a short drive south in Koo Wee Rup and matches old fashioned service with modern dentistry techniques. We believe you will be happy you make the decision to trust us with your dental health.

Call (03) 5997 1280 to make an appointment or to find out more about the services we offer.

  • Office

    320 Rossiter Road
    Kooweerup, Victoria, Australia 3981

  • Phone

    +61 (03) 5997 1280

  • Opening hours

    Monday 8am – 8pm
    Tuesday 8am – 6pm
    Wednesday 8am – 8pm
    Thursday 8am – 6pm
    Friday 8am – 6pm
    Saturday 8am – 1pm

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