Orthodontic Issues To Look Out For

As children grow, it’s a very common question for parents to ask if their child will need braces. While most people only see the aesthetic issues that are present to worry about, there are functionality issues that also arise. These issues can be fixed using traditional braces or Invisalign, while others require more in-depth treatment like surgery. Keep reading to find out about the most common issues that would require the use of orthodontic treatment.

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When the jaw is too small to accommodate the adult teeth that are erupting in the mouth, it causes crowding. This crowding can range from mild to severe which can mean there are issues with brushing and plaque build-up if the brushing technique does not accommodate the teeth.


An over-jet is the term used to describe how far the front teeth stick out from the mouth. It’s an important issue to fix as this can cause an increase to the likelihood of trauma occurring to the front teeth if you fall or have a sporting injury.

Deep bite

If too much of your upper teeth cover the lower teeth, it is called a deep bite. This is a concern as over the years the teeth will wear down and cause chipping. This results in more dental visits to ensure the lower teeth do not continue to break down.

Under bite

When the lower teeth extend further than the upper teeth, it is called an underbite. This is caused when the lower jaw out grows the upper jaw. Aside from aesthetic issue that most patients that have an underbite have, an under bite can mean more load is on the molar teeth as the front teeth do not touch. 

Open Bite

When there is an open space in between the upper and lower front teeth, that is an open bite. An open bite usually occurs through factors like thumb sucking or overuse of a dummy, pushing the tongue against the teeth while speaking, and other skeletal and joint issues. It’s important to fix as an open bite can mean issues with speech, and eating and cause excess tooth wear. 

Cross bite

A cross bite occurs when the upper molars sit inside the lower molars. It is best to do early intervention when this occurs as it can affect the development of the jaw causing more crowding when the adult teeth erupt.


If there is excessive spacing in between the teeth, this can result in the existing teeth moving out of position. The spacing can occur for a variety of reasons including a failure to grow, lost teeth due to disease or trauma, as well as teeth that are a smaller size. 

If you or your child have any of these issues, it’s best to book an appointment with your dentist to see when orthodontics is best started. Call us on (03) 5997 1280 to book in with either Dr. Chai or Dr. Kash for an orthodontic consultation.