cold toothache
Ice-cream toothache: Cold food and drinks pain explained

Scientists believe they have worked out why biting down on ice or drinking something really cold causes excruciating pain for some people. They have located the cells and signals in sensitive teeth that detect big temperature drops and trigger toothache and brain jolt. People with dental decay are prone to it because the pathway is…

tongue brushing
How To Clean Your Tongue And Why You Should Do It

How often do you consciously clean your tongue with a brush or other tool? We all understand how important it is to brush your teeth each day, however the importance of cleaning your tongue is often overlooked. Are you supposed to brush your tongue each day? Yes. Here are some of the main reasons why….

The Main Reasons Why A Wisdom Tooth Should Be Removed

Why do we have wisdom teeth anyway? That is a common question. It is believed the reason we have wisdom teeth is that they were more of a necessity in centuries gone by. Our ancestors had a different diet, that required a lot more chewing than is commonly needed to eat our modern-day foods. This…

What Exactly Is a Root Canal Treatment?

Let us just get straight into this. What is a root canal treatment? Well, first you need to know a bit more about tooth structure. Teeth are mainly made from a hard material known as dentine. Then there is the surface layer, which is enamel. It is there to protect the parts of the teeth…