Why Do People Choose To Get Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

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6 Common Reasons People Get Cosmetic Dentistry Work Done

There are many reasons why people choose to undergo different types of cosmetic dentistry, mostly to feel more confidence. Before we go into the main results people look for from cosmetic dentist procedures, lets just be clear about what the term refers to.

Cosmetic dentistry is a word used to refer to a dental procedure that is used to restore damaged or missing teeth, or to improve the perceived aesthetic of your smile. This can include dental veneers, dental implants, tooth whitening procedures, and a mix of other dental procedures too.

So why do people choose to act, and get a smile makeover? Here are some of the more common reasons based on the feedback we receive from patients.

To Increase Confidence

This was mentioned above, and it is really the main reason for most cosmetic dentistry procedures. A smile can convey so much. It expresses the feeling of fun and happiness, it shows appreciation to others, is a sign of trust, it shows you are listening and so much more.

Many patients have told us they are not confident with their smile. They may even feel they need to hide it due to the condition of their teeth. A smile makeover can change all that and bring confidence and spark to your smile.

Improve Communication

This applies to everyone, but even more to those who speak publicly, network a lot or are in sales. Research has shown a nice smile builds more trust than a nice car, nice clothes, nice website and so on. Smiling is taught in executive coaching.

When it comes to talking, being proud of your teeth can help you speak more clearly too.

An Important Life Event

When an event such as a wedding, change of career, school reunion, or returning to the dating scene is approaching, it can be a motivator to improve the brightness of one’s smile. Photos or a great first impression can last a lifetime. It is natural that people want to look their best in these times.

A Change in Lifestyle Habits

Lifestyle habits such as smoking cigarettes, drinking lots of coffee or red wine for example, can contribute to staining teeth a darker colour. When some people drop these habits, they choose that time to whiten their teeth, to celebrate.

After Injury

If patients are involved in an accident or sports injury where their teeth are damaged, recreating their smile can be an important step to recovery. Getting their smile back helps get them back to their old self. It is also a chance to have an even better smile than before the injury.


Having a bright white smile is one feature that can help a person look and feel younger. Many patients come to us for a smile makeover to repair a tooth that has bothered them for years, or to whiten their teeth after decades of them slowly losing their natural whiteness.


Whatever the reason you are thinking about cosmetic veneers, teeth whitening or a smile makeover, why not give us a call to talk about it. We can arrange an appointment to discuss what you would like to achieve and explain how it can be done. There is no obligation, and we have payment plans available to make the procedures more affordable for you.

We hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing you smiling at our dental clinic one day soon.