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Orthodontic treatments have progressed a long way since the early days of bulky wires and braces. New styles of lightweight, less obvious braces and other devices are now available to help straighten your teeth. At Kooweerup Dental, we are passionate about helping young people, and adults, achieve their best possible smile.


The alignment of one’s teeth can seriously impact the alignment of the jaw and can cause pain in different areas. The appearance of the face can also be affected. Our goal is to help our patients to have balanced, beautiful smiles that are most importantly healthy. Some experts have proposed that up to seven out of ten people could benefit from orthodontic treatments.


The variety of orthodontic treatments have increased too. The best thing to do is to make an appointment to see us so we can have your teeth checked and discuss your dental goals.

Orthodontics can be used to treat the following dental issues, such as:


This is where the lower jaw is too far behind the upper jaw. It causes the top teeth to stick out over the lower teeth more than normal.



When the lower teeth are too far forward, and the upper teeth sit too far back, this is called underbite, which can be fixed through orthodontics.

Spacing and Gaps

This is caused by either missing teeth or a tooth sizes that don’t fill up the entire space along the gum.

Crowded Teeth

This is where there are too many teeth for the gum or jaw. This makes it difficult for the dental ridge to hold the teeth in line.

Correcting the above problems can prevent other issues like grinding, clenching, or excessive wear of teeth. Well aligned teeth can also help stop gum problems. Serious cases of malocclusions, or poor teeth positioning, can sometimes cause damage to the gums.


Heavily crowded or overlapping teeth can be more difficult to clean around. This can have a negative impact on dental hygiene. Straighter, better-aligned teeth will often tend to be simpler to look after. This can help prevent future tooth decay, periodontal diseases from occurring, and other serious dental issues.

What is Orthopaedics?
“Orthopaedics” is the term used for orthodontics when applied to young children. This type of treatment might involve managing space for adult teeth coming through or that are yet to come through. There are a number of functional or growth appliances; such as expansion appliances, removable plates, or partial braces that can help facilitate straight teeth.

At Kooweerup Dental, we can make it our priority to monitor your child’s dental development. This will catch any irregularities and where necessary, make an intervention to ensure better tooth development. This can help prevent small problems becoming major issues.
Due to the fact that their bones are still developing, children often respond well to orthopaedic treatment. This can make it easier to guide teeth into the correct alignment. The need for braces, retainers, or other appliances later on can still be necessary. However, pre-treatment at a young age can many times reduce the severity of future problems. This makes treatment time and cost more manageable. Early intervention may help avoid the removal of healthy adult teeth due to excessive crowding later in life.
As is the case with most dental treatments, prevention is almost always better than cure!

Orthodontic treatments can also help fix speech problems as it allows for free movement of the jaw.


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