How To Choose A New Toothbrush?

Have you grown up and moved out of home and realised that from now on you had to buy your own toothbrush? Mum or dad aren’t going to magically make one appear for you anymore. So, you decide to go down to the supermarket, and wow, there were so many choices to choose from!

It’s fun because there are all the bright colours, bendy necks, soft bristles, diamond shaped heads and so many other options! In the end you are most likely to choose the one that looked the best to you. But is that really how you should be choosing a toothbrush? Is that how you should choose a toothbrush for your kids? Probably not.

With so many different choices, what are the main things someone should look out for when trying to choose the best toothbrush for themselves or their kids?

From a dental professional point of view, here are some of the main things to consider when you go to buy your next toothbrush.


1. Go for soft bristles. This kind of brush is much less likely to cause any sort of damage to your gums or to pull back the gum tissue from your teeth. A soft bristled brush therefore reduces the risk of sensitivity.

2. Choose a smaller, comfortable head size. This makes maneuvering the brush easier and allows you to focus on just one or maybe two teeth at a time. You may notice that powered toothbrushes always have a smaller head, this is the reason why.

3. On the subject of electric toothbrushes, they are not always necessarily the better option. They have not been proven to consistently provide a better clean for the general public. However, a powered toothbrush can definitely be better for those with conditions such as arthritis or other mobility issues, those with braces or with uneven or hard to reach teeth surfaces. If a powered toothbrush will make you more motivated to brush your teeth more often and for the desired time period, then it would also be a good choice for you.

4. Just as important as choosing the right toothbrush, is replacing it when it is worn. A shaggy head just can’t do as good a job cleaning your teeth as a fresher one. You should look to change your toothbrush every 3 months.

5. Larger handles are often a better choice for children as they are easier for them to manipulate. The happier they are to brush, the faster they learn good habits!

6. From an environmental point of view, a toothbrush made of bamboo or other renewable or biodegradable material can be a better option than plastic. However, the above points should also apply so that you can get a good clean from a bamboo toothbrush.


The humble toothbrush is just as exposed to the world or marketing as any product. There is no evidence to prove any gimmick such as a Flexi head, different length bristles, different shaped heads, ergonomic handles, or anything else that will help you clean your teeth better. These gimmicks might just make you feel, “cooler”.

If you are not sure about which toothbrush is right for you and have any questions at all, why not ask us about it during your next dental appointment? We are happy to provide proactive advice to all of our valued patients any time it is asked for.

Simply, call us to arrange your next dental appointment today!