How Many People in Australia Wear Dentures?

This blog discusses the ins and outs of dentures and some other fun facts about them. So, stay here to read more!

While it is not possible to say exactly how many people in Australia wear dentures, even after the recent census, there are many facts and figures out there we can draw from. 

It is without a doubt that the age group with the higher rate of wearing dentures is over 65. You might be surprised to also hear that of those that still have some or many of their natural teeth, close to half of these adults wear some sort of dentures!

One study showed that approximately 19% of people in over 20 countries that were polled, wore dentures of some kind.

There are many reasons for people having dentures, but they all come back to the fact that somehow teeth have been lost throughout their lives. That can happen due to many reasons, with the most common being decay, gum disease, or accidents for example.

At Koo Wee Rup Dental Clinic, we help many patients maintain their dentures. Each year they are routinely cleaned, and any minor chips or breakages are repaired. We also create new, often more comfortable dentures for our patients too.

In more recent times the fitting of new dentures has become a little less common as dental hygiene has improved. Other technologies such as dental implants have also become more common. They have replaced many of the dentures we may have made before. Dental crowns have also taken over from partial dentures that were used to fill gaps and cover broken teeth.

Dentures can usually last for around five to seven years before they might need to be replaced. They are always becoming more and more comfortable due to better materials and better technology involved. They should still be cleaned every day to help keep them in their best condition. This is done with a denture cleaner preferably, not a regular toothpaste.

Of course, whether you have dentures or not, you should maintain good dental health practices, including regular check-ups at your dentist.

If you have any questions at all about denture repairs or are considering new dentures, then contact us at Koo Wee Rup Dental Clinic for friendly service and experienced advice today.