How Digital Smile Design Can Benefit You

It’s fair to say that it’s hard to feel confident and have high self-esteem when you’re unhappy with your smile.

Infact, having a smile that aren’t happy with can affect your life in a big way. Anything that involves smiling, such as taking photos, or having a conversation and talking with people all become a challenge and something to avoid, rather than embrace. 

Thankfully, achieving a better smile is both a readily accessible and affordable option in modern-day dentistry, and can be achieved through Digital Smile Design.

What is Digital Smile Design? 

Digital Smile Design is a multipurpose dental treatment protocol, offering far more advantages over other treatment options that are available in orthodontics dentistry. Using a digital scanner, such as Kooweerup’s new iTero Intraoral Digital Scanner, a three-dimensional image is taken of your mouth, which digitalises your entire teeth and structure and is analysed from a computer. 

This enables the Digital Smile Design procedure to begin with a more advanced way to diagnose issues with the structural components of the mouth and jaw, as well as intraoral and extraoral evaluations to assess the aesthetics of the mouth.

What’s even more useful is the transparency that Digital Smile Design provides. Through this technology, you’ll have access to educational materials and visual representations of what your smile will look like after the treatment is complete.

How Digital Smile Design improves the treatment process

As well as taking detailed three-dimensional representations of your mouth, what really makes Digital Smile Design technology useful, is the ability to visualise what your expected treatment outcome is going to look like through design technology.

Using the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, the three-dimensional images of your mouth can be used to simulate the treatment process in an extremely accurate manner, and from this visually demonstrate through technology how your teeth will look post-treatment.

Many traditional orthodontic treatments are a one-size-fits-all approach. Unfortunately, there are a vast array of functional issues to consider when it comes to orthodontics. Considering how teeth, jaws and gums work together is one side of this; however also considering the fact that each dental patient is unique and has his or her set of needs and expectations from the treatment is another.

Using Digital Smile Design considers first what you want and need, and your goals when it comes to your teeth. Digital Smile Design providers are more than just dental experts – they have artistic vision and the right skillset to deliver what it takes to get you the beautiful smile that you desire – and it all starts with considering treatment plans and outcomes digitally from a screen.

Unfortunately, not all dental providers have access to Digital Smile Design technology, as it has been limited to a small number of dental providers. The good news is however, we have this technology available at Kooweerup Dental!

If you’ve considered orthodontic treatment to correct your teeth and get the smile you’ve always wanted, start with a Digital Smile Design consultation today to see how this technology can give you the best chance of reaching your dream teeth!