Frequently Heard Myths About Dental Fluoride That People Believe are True

Are you wondering about the safety of using fluoride in dental products or having a fluoride treatment at your next dental check-up? This post explains some of the myths some people believe, and why fluoride is considered beneficial within the dental industry.

Common Myths and The Facts About Fluoride

There are many myths out there when it comes to fluoride. Let us get some things straight about it so that you can make an educated decision about how you feel about fluoride and its use in dentistry.

The reason that fluoride is used in dental clinics and many dental products, is that it is scientifically proven to help harden your teeth. This hardening protects your teeth against decay. No other compound has been discovered to provide the same action as fluoride does when it comes to hardening tooth enamel.

However, there are myths about fluoride and its safety. This causes some patients to hesitate at the thought of having a fluoride treatment in our clinic. So, here we go – myth-busting about fluoride.

Myth 1 – Water fluoridation is banned in Europe

This is NOT true. It is in fact not banned anywhere. In some European countries, they choose to fluoridate salt instead of water.

Myth 2 – Fluoride causes cancer

There is no data to confirm this myth. In studies that have been done, instances of cancer in areas with less fluoride show no real difference to areas with fluoridated water.

Myth 3 – Water fluoridation is mass medication

State governments have stated this is untrue. Fluoride already exists in most water sources in some forms and the amount is adjusted for the publics’ health benefit.

Myth 4 – Water fluoridation lowers your IQ

Studies into such claims have also been carried out with no proof that this is the case. Even those many studies conducted included tests on participants ingesting much higher levels of fluoride than we are exposed to in Australia.

Myth 5 – Fluoride damages your teeth

Again, this has never been proven to be true. One condition that can arise in children with still-developing teeth, is fluorosis. This can cause white lines on young teeth. It is only cosmetic and there is no real damage.

Myth 6 – Fluoride is part of a global conspiracy to end the world

Along with many conspiracy theories, they are just entertainment created to entertain people enough to increase website visits for the myth-posting website owners.

The benefits of fluoride treatment in a dental clinic, vastly outweigh the risk that one day one of these myths could be proved true. Small amounts of fluoride are used and even less are ingested.

If you have any questions about fluoride that you would like answered during your appointment at the Koo Wee Rup Dental Surgery, then feel free to ask our dentists or staff.