Root Canal Procedure In Koo Wee Rup

Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the decay of a tooth reaches the nerves. This is when infection can easily occur. In order to save the tooth, a root canal procedure can be performed. The inside tissue, the nerve and the bacteria are removed, along with any decay. The resulting space is then filled with a dental material to restore the regular dental function of the tooth.

The reason to get root canal treatment, is to save a tooth that would otherwise cause a lot of pain until it is removed. Teeth removal is a more expensive procedure that also comes with its own set of complications; one of those is replacing the tooth with an implant. A root canal procedure is a step before tooth removal that can provide a long term solution.

Signs Root Canal Treatment May Be Required

  • An abscess (like a pimple) visible on the gums
  • High sensitivity to hot and cold food or liquids
  • Severe toothache or sharp tooth pain
  • Swelling or gum tenderness
  • Sometimes no symptoms seem present, but the damage is there

Reasons for root canal therapy

  • Tooth decay has reached the tooth pulp (this is the living tissue inside the tooth)
  • Infections or an abscess has developed inside the tooth or the root tip is infected
  • Injury to a tooth


If you would like to get your root canal on a Kooweerup Dental Office, then contact us today. We can make an appointment to check your teeth and discuss the options to fix any dental problems you have.