Wisdom Teeth Removal Koo Wee Rup

Having wisdom teeth removed is often something many adults are afraid of. However, it is quite common and can be performed by your dentist as Kooweerup Dental.

What are wisdom teeth?
Wisdom teeth are the last molar on each side of your upper and lower jaw. They often do not come into the mouth until later in life, between 17 and 24 years old. Some people do not even develop wisdom teeth.
When they come into the mouth, it is often already quite full, so they make compact with other teeth, or they come out at the wrong angle. This is known as an impacted wisdom tooth. These are the ones that need to be removed.
Symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth include pain, stiffness of the jaw, infection, swelling or just an unwell feeling.

Why and how are wisdom teeth removed?
Impacted wisdom teeth leave you mouth open to infection. They also cause pain that can only be relived by removing the teeth.
Depending on the tooth, its position and the amount of wisdom teeth to be removed, the procedure can be performed in the dentist chair. This is done under local anaesthetic. Another option for harder to remove wisdom teeth is to get the procedure completed in a hospital.
The first step is to have your wisdom teeth inspected, especially if they are painful. If removal is the only solution, then we can discuss the best way to go about it.

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